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Economics and Finance

Brunel, as one of the very diverse universities in the UK, appealed to me not merely because of its diversity but also because of its supports offered to the students from different backgrounds.
Fariborz, Alumni
Banking and Finance BSc
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Earning a PhD degree is not only an individual achievement but also a testament to the support and guidance I received from my supervisors, colleagues, and loved ones throughout my doctoral journey. Their encouragement, mentorship, and belief in my abilities have undoubtedly played a significant role in my success.
Diyama, Research, Alumni
Finance PhD
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As a student at Brunel, I found the curriculum well-structured and of high quality. I would like to point out that people at Ƶ were very helpful and eager to provide all the necessary information during admission.
Athanasios , Postgraduate, Alumni
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Brunel provided me with a springboard to work at some of the most prestigious financial institutions firms globally including Goldman Sachs, London Stock Exchange, Citi, Credit Suisse, UBS and now State Street.
Raja , Undergraduate, Alumni
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I feel exceptionally fortunate that my year in industry and degree allowed me to secure a job at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Sumayiah, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Brunel University offered the perfect balance between being vibrant and having good educational standards
In an environment where these days experience is a must for any student looking for graduate work, the help you get at Ƶ is priceless
I chose Brunel because of its London location.
A lot of the Banking and Global Finance modules were extremely useful in understanding how banks operate, and then trying to navigate your role within that
Pranay, Postgraduate
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Having completed my degree in Economics and Management at Brunel University I chose to continue my studies at the same university because of their quality of teaching. I have developed great relation with students and existing professors, which were always happy to help and always welcomed a question.
Ilinca, Postgraduate
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I was already very multidisciplinary and studying at Brunel enabled me to enjoy that to a far greater degree.
Genevieve, Research, Alumni
Cybernetics PhD
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The Careers team gave me plenty of advice on how to find a job
Daniela, Postgraduate, Alumni
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I found Brunel to be very diverse and culturally rich
Salman, Postgraduate, Alumni
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"I am also proud to be a visible lesbian role model because firstly, it is important for other staff to see that your gender will never hold you back in attaining a senior role. Secondly, it is important for all LGBT+ staff to feel safe in being out at work, because this allows us to bring our ‘whole selves’ to work, and by doing that we have more and productive working relationships with colleagues."
Bridget, Staff
Strategic Projects and Change
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I am working the same hours so do the same amount of work however with the improved work/life balance I think I am more engaged when I am here. Also, although I sit in a fairly small office, it allows you to work in a quieter atmosphere before the phones start ringing
Jean, Staff
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The Volunteering Policy’s 18 paid leave days a year enables me to routinely work in that complex, challenging and high-pressure environment where I can develop valuable skills to bring back to Brunel.
Mike, Staff
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