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I chose Brunel because I had heard so many amazing things about it. I came to Ƶ initially to study engineering, however ending up discovering more about myself and what I really wanted to do by being there.
Isaac , Undergraduate, Alumni
Information Systems BSc
From UK more...
Ƶ was a natural progression from my undergraduate degree, and had a good campus, good location, and freedom.
Ravinder, Postgraduate, Alumni
Information Systems MSc
From UK more...
I specifically chose Brunel because it was positioned perfectly in an area of London that did not have too many distractions, while also having my course taught at a very high level.
Sani, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Nigeria more...
I gained so many skills whilst at Brunel that will help me for years to come, especially through my placement and my various jobs as a Student Ambassador for the University.
My work experience helped me stand out of the crowd.
Natasha, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The placement course provided me with a fantastic platform - the work experience helped me get a job immediately after graduating
Guy, Undergraduate, Alumni
From USA more...
Brunel gave me the platform to develop when I was studying - they offered me lots of support, especially as I’m dyslexic, which was invaluable.
Bryan, Undergraduate, Alumni
Information Systems BSc
From UK more...
I always wanted to attend a campus university - Brunel's felt like a community and always did whilst I was there
The campus life is absolutely amazing. The community, staff and everything that makes Brunel makes it feel like a second home.
My placement helped me discover my passion for cyber security. After this, I decided to focus on this subject in my final year, and narrow my job search to only apply for graduate schemes in this area.
Noor, Alumni
Computer Science
From UK more...
Being able to do a placement year during my degree allowed me to put the theory into practice
Claudia, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Portugal more...
Oluchi is a Managing Director with Accenture Financial Services, a business restructuring lead, and a FinTech Sponsor in Financial Services for Capital Markets
Oluchi, Undergraduate, Alumni
Information Systems BSc
From UK more...
Jyoti is passionate about her research, investigating the digital divide with a focus on social inclusion, loneliness and adoption of information and communications technologies on older adults
The thin sandwich course at Brunel, with integrated industrial placements, was ideal for me. This mix of theory and practice enabled me to enter the market with a very rounded skill set. I would recommend it to anyone.
Craig, Undergraduate, Alumni
Computer Science and Economics BSc
From UK more...
Brunel gave me a foundation in how technology works and an ability to teach myself
Kennyth, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
I enjoyed my PhD journey at Brunel. My former PhD supervisors are great - they are the experts in the area and really helpful. I am still in contact with them for research work.
Mohd, Research, Alumni
From Malaysia more...
Placements are a great way for students to learn more than what is covered in classrooms and laboratories. Students will gain a sense of real responsibly - projects and tasks in companies will affect millions of people or even the company’s revenue, and this is something that graduates without placement experience struggle to understand.
All the academics, postgraduate students, and administrative officers working for the department are professionals in their fields, and they bring with them significant industry experience
Dalia, Research, Alumni
From Jordan more...
Ƶ instilled in me a creative curiosity and an understanding of what's possible with technology and the power it has to shape culture and solve real human pain points
Takunda, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Zimbabwe more...

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